About Us


At Tall Pines Nursery School we believe that every child is an individual. With that in mind we maintain a warm, caring environment in which the individual needs of each child are met. We are staffed with knowledgeable, experienced teachers and aides who are dedicated to helping children develop in all skill areas. We encourage a child’s natural curiosity and desires to learn and together we will explore, discover and grow. We strive to make preschool a positive experience not only for the child butfor the parents as well.

Our developmentally appropriate programs encourage learning through the use of various manipulatives. Children play, investigate, question and discover. Each project a child works on is completed with his or her own hands and creativity.

We maintain an "open-door" policy. Parents are welcome to participate in programs such as our Parent/Guest Reader Program.

Our Goals Are:

Our philosophy is to provide a loving and nurturing environment where children can grow and develop as individuals by giving them a strong foundation that will help them transition to the larger school environment. This is done by introducing developmentally appropriate activities that nurture their individual strengths and interests. Working together with the children, teachers and parents is one of the reasons for our strong success. It has also lead us to being named by The Pearl River Patch online newspaper, as “The Best Nursery School in Pearl River.”